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Our horses

The herd life

Our 30  horses live in a herd, on a vast natural space, which gives them both calmness and energy, basic qualities for hiking-horses in the SIERRA de GUARA.


Divided into groups, according to age and / or affinities, our horses live close to the village of NOCITO in large paddocks from April to November, our hiking season, and return to relative freedom on hundreds of acres of crests, valleys and rivers in the winter.


In the valley of NOCITO, their paradisiac paddocks range from a few dozens to several hundreds of acres. GPS technology now enables us to keep a close watch on the herd's safety more easily, and to keep in touch with the horses while they roam the nature freely in small groups.    


The way we work consist basically in observing and understanding the herd's social organization which  keeps evolving and puts forward each horse's character and personality. This allows us to become integrated into the relationship system in between the horses, to invite them to participate in our activities, which must always be fun for them.   


The first generation of our Hispano-Arab horses comes from various origins, with past lives that were sometimes difficult, but all the more compelling, gives gradually way to the new generation of the sons and daughters of MALKAN, our Arabian thoroughbred stallion.


Born in the SIERRA DE GUARA, you will be impressed with the horses agility and balance. They grow in semi-freedom among a herd where their place changes according to their personality. As our horses are used  to being in contact with humans from birth, they are trustful and can be educated and trained for hikes while respecting their affinities.


Once each horse has been through all the stages of his education, he will be entrusted to a rider. Then, together with the rider, we will choose for him / her the companion best suited to his / her morphology and personality.


Genuine professionals of hiking, these horses with strong character,  are  always ready to share their pleasure with  their riders in travelling through the Sierras.