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The 2024 horse riding tours


The South slopes of the Pyrenees in High Aragon offer a rough landscape of large limestone ranges of Sierras where the transition between mountains and plains caused very peculiar rock formations. You will be amazed by those famous "Canyons" and "Mallos", impressive conglomerate towers in various shades of red ochres under the intense Aragon sunlight.

A natural border where the main belvederes were fortified during the Muslim conquest and the Christian reconquest, the "Mallos "mark the access to the forlorn Natural Park of the Sierra and Canyons de GUARA. Men have long tried to tame that rebellious nature which now reclaims its rights on all these forgotten Sierras where the only remains are an incredibly rich traditional architecture.

Along the ancient trails and former mule tracks, you will discover these now preserved vast spaces, where the "Montanes" civilisation gave way to a privileged space. You will have the unique opportunity to be initiated to the observation of big birds of prey which found on these cliffs one of the best shelters in Europe.

Our different routes from the village of NOCITO, nestling at the foot of the TOZAL de GUARA, last outpost of the Pyrenees, offer a variety of contrasts between plains and Sierras, where limitless views on the snowy peaks to the north alternate with the peaceful rural life of the villages on the south slopes, among olive and almond groves, or the high plateaus with breathtaking canyons.  

We can schedule for you a great variety of horse riding tours, from the SIERRA de GUARA to the MALLOS de RIGLO or the SIERRA CANCIAS, from the HOYA de HUESCA to the SOMONTANO and the SOBRARBE over the whole Pyrenean piedmont of High Aragon, and of course the discovery of all the secrets of the NOCITO valley.       

BERTRAND will especially for you draw up customized estimates :

  • on your dates between April and November,
  • from 2 to a maximum of 9 riders,
  • from a half-day of initiation to a 6-day tour ride, 
  • for tours accessible to every rider, from beginner to experienced.​

2024 program

Itinerant tours of the Sierra de Guara Natural Park canyons on the following dates  (departure on Sundays):

- From April 21 to 28, 2024

- From May 12 to 19, 2024

- From June  2 to  9, 2024

- From June 16 to 23, 2024

- From September  1 to  8, 2024

- From September 15 to 22, 2024

- From October  6 to 13, 2024

This circuit is scheduled by 4 European tour operators (Trailfinders (The Netherlands), Unicorn trails (United Kingdom), Pferd & Reiter (Germany) and Rando Cheval (France). We already have registrants so departures are assured.

Here is the description of the 8 days including 6 days on horseback.

This particularly spectacular circuit realizes the big tour of the Massif de Guara, highlighting the contrasts of the two sides, from the wild valleys of the North to the long, galloping trails through the olive and almond fields of the South Side and the main Canyons that have made the region famous.

Day 1: Reception at the hostel La Mallata late in the afternoon. Presentation of the cavalry and the mule tracks then dinner and night at the hostel.


Day 2: Starting stage from Nocito. We make contact with the horses and the mule tracks that take us through the hermitage of San Urbez and the Pardina Bail on the crests of the Sierra d'Aineto to the abandoned villages of abellada and Azpe (5h30 on horseback).


Day 3 : Departure to the South via the long Guatizalema valley to reach the viewpoint of Santa Eulalia la Mayor and descend through the plain to Arbanies. Bed and Breakfast Night (6h on horseback).


Day 4 : By the Monastery of San Cosme and the hermitage of Fabana, we explore the foot of the South flank of the Tozal de Guara before descending towards Panzano where we spend the night at the village Inn (apartments) (5h30 on horseback).


Day 5 : It is through a colorful labyrinth of hills and bottoms of Rios with clear waters that we reach the medieval village of Alquezar from the South after long gallops near Alberuela de la Liena. Overnight at the hotel in Alquezar (6h on horseback).


Day 6 : We return to the heart of the Canyons via the Fuente Tamara, along the canyon of La Peonera via the Barranco de Trensus. We reach Rodellar by the Pedruel Valley, overnight in guest rooms (6h on horseback).


Day 7 : A peculiar course in the background, then on the flank of the famous Mascun Canyon, remarkable set of stone cathedrals, then crossing the Otin plateau, we return to Nocito via the Bara valley. Overnight in La Mallata Inn at Nocito (6h on horseback).


Day 8 : After breakfast, good byes and transfers to Pau or Zaragoza airports.


Assistance from a follow-up vehicle for baggage transport.

The cost is 1585€/person.


It includes : 

- 6 days of horseback riding guided by a local professional guide.

- Assistance from a follow-up vehicle for baggage transport.

- Horses equipped with activity-specific equipment

- Assistance from a follow-up vehicle for baggage transport.


It does not include : 

- Transport to the meeting point

- Individual insurance for the practice of horse riding, or cancellation-interruption of stay.

We offer optional transfers from the nearest airports and stations.


This circuit seduces you, please contact us using the button below.

Here is an example of what we like to offer you for a short stay of 3 days on horseback (5 days in total)

Through the Park of the SIERRA de GUARA as far as the famous Canyon de MASCUN.

Day 1 : You arrive at LA MALLATA Inn in NOCITO in the late afternoon,. Then you get acquainted with the group of riders and the horse entrusted to you for the whole tour. 


Day 2  (a 6 hour-ride) : We prepare together the horses to ride Eastward along the PARDINA de la TORRE and the deserted villages of "ABELLADA" and "AZPE". We discover the broad view of the BARA valley where we settle the horses for the night. We are then driven back to NOCITO (1/2 hour) to spend the night at the hostel.


Day 3 (a 6 hour-ride): We are driven back to the paddock and prepare the horses. Once ready, we ride through the canyon of "GORGAS NEGRAS" across the OTIN plateau to LETOSA where we reach the dramatic Canyon de MASCUN.  We ride along its left-hand edge to the charming village of RODELLAR where we spend the night at the local apartment hotel.


Day 4 (a 6 hour-ride): from RODELLAR, we ride down to the bottom of the famous Canyon de MASCUN along the river and then up again on the right-hand bank to the COSTERA de OTIN under the sharp eyes of the griffon vultures. IN the afternoon we ride back to NOCITO across the BARA valley through the villages of "USED" and "BENTUE". We spend the night at la MALLATA (a 6-hour ride).

Day 5 : End of your stay after breakfast.

A highly varied 3-day tour which allows you to discover the main wild highlights of the SIERRA de GUARA on hardy sure-footed horses.

For a group of 4 to 6 riders, the price is 720€ per person, including:

  • A professional guide, the horses and their equipment for the 3-day ride,
  • 4 nights in a double bedroom, full board.
  • The transfers in a minibus, the transportation of reduced luggage on a packhorse up to 4 riders, or in a following car from 5 riders,

This tour can be done in 2 and a half days on a long weekend.

In that case, for a group of 4 to 6 riders, the price will be 565€ per person for 2 nights full board and 2 1/2 days on horseback.


Contact us to prepare your next horse riding tour together.